Posted on 14/06/2018 21:08

Nicem Girl



Rent from $10.21 per day!*

Nicem Girl cutlery polisher is a mid capacity cutlery polisher able to process 7000 pieces per hour.

Stainless steel manufacture, poly coating for reduced scratching on your cutlery and of course like every cutlery polisher this machine has a UV light to sterilise the cutlery and granulate.

* All rental estimates are based on a 5-year lease and are indicative only.

Optional – Add a cutlery conveyor for full automation.

Features include:

  • 1-year warranty
  • Collection basket
  • European design and build
  • Efficent throughput of cutlery
  • Optional sound enclosure
  • Optional cutlery conveyor

Technical Details

Machine details Nicem BOY Quiet
Height 650 mm
Width 600 mm
Length 790 mm
Weight 115 kg
Power consumption 610 W
Power supply 220/240 V
Capacity Up to 7000 pieces per hour